How To Breakfast Like An Italian

Breakfast Italian style is the best way to start your day while visiting Montecatini Terme. The clinking of coffee cups, the sound of the locals greeting one another and the aroma of fresh coffee and pastries, what is not to love!

I think it’s fair to say that most Italians have a sweet tooth, after all they coined the phrase “la Dolce Vita”. This sweet tooth is evident when it comes to the choice of pastries available at breakfast time.

Some mouth watering suggestions that most coffee bars will offer you are: Cornetto con Nutella, croissant with Nutella. Nutella is a well loved ingredient in Italy and rightly so! Cornetto con Crema, croissant with a thick Custard. Crostatta di Marmellata, a pie with Jam filling.  Bomboloni, a doughnut filled with Custard or Chocolate.

No Italian breakfast is complete without a coffee, but it can be tricky to know which coffee to choose. To give you an idea, traditionally Italians will have a milky coffee in the morning, a Cappuccino or Caffe Macchiato. Although it is completely acceptable to have un Caffe (an espresso). If strong coffee is not your thing why not order a Caffe Americano, you will receive an espresso in a larger cup and a little jug of hot water, perhaps it is a sin for a barista to water coffee down?

Food in Italy never disappoints, after all anywhere that it’s socially acceptable to eat a doughnut for breakfast is always going to be a winner.