TOP 5 Foods You Must Try in Montecatini Terme

Think Italy, think food! Italian cuisine has made it’s mark on the world’s food scene for a number of years now. Anywhere you go in the world you are likely to find an Italian restaurant, and yes, some of these restaurants are fabulous but there is nothing quite like eating Italian food in Italy itself.

Passionate Italians (almost all of them) will often tell you that a food or drink is from a specific region of Italy and it’s best to try that dish while your in that region, Tuscans are not exempt from this passion.

1. Cialde di Montecatini

This is Montecatini’s signature sweet, it looks like a round wafer biscuit. The original recipe is a closely guarded secret but it is known to contain flour, eggs, milk and almonds. The Bargilli family business is still going strong today and you can purchase Cialde di Montecatini in their shop on Viale Verdi.

Hint! You can buy Cialde di Montecatini packaged in a beautiful tin, making it an ideal gift.
Cialde di Montecatini wafer biscuits from Bargilli

2. Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Steak lovers are in for a treat if they order this Tuscan Classic – cooked very quickly and served rare. You can request it to be cooked for longer, but if you want to try it the Tuscan way eat it as they serve it. Bistecca alla Fiorentina is often from the Chianina breed of cattle, a breed native to this region of Tuscany.

Hint! Restaurants often do deals on this popular dish so be sure to ask your waiter.

3. Papa al Pomodoro

Pappa al Pomodoro is thick bread-based ‘soup’. Pappa when translated from Italian means baby food, in other words its soft and easy to eat. This soup varies from family recipe to family recipe but it must contain, tomatoes, olive oil and stale bread.

4. Cinghiale

Cinghiale means wild boar. Tuscany has rich pickings when it comes to wild boar and a traditonal Cinghiale stew is most definitely worth trying. It is often served with Tuscan Pappardelle, like a very thick Tagliatelle.

5. Cappezzana Wine

Ok, it’s not food, but you need something to go along with all that nice food. Cappezzana is a family run vineyard in Carmignano. It is one of the oldest vineyards Tuscany dating from around 804 AD. The wines they produce are exquisite and are the perfect accompaniment to any meal. The family also produce Vin Santo di Cappezzana, a sweet desert wine considered one of the best in the world.

Hint! You can book a wine tour at Cappezzana and enjoy a beautiful view while you taste their taste their wines.