Things To Do in Montecatini Terme

There are lots of things to do and see in Montecatini Terme. Whether you enjoy the theatre, spas or shopping you will be sure to enjoy your visit to Montecatini Terme. Don’t forget to read our tourist information for lots of helpful information about visiting Montecatini Terme.

Thermal Baths & Spas

Inside Tettuccio Spa in Montecatini Terme

Find out information about the famous Montecatini Terme Spas.

Montecatini Terme Thermal Baths

Montecatini Market Days

Markets in Montecatini Terme

No Italian Holiday is complete without a visit to the Market.

Montecatini Terme Markets


Funicolare/Funicular to Montecatini Alto

Take the funicular to Montecatini Alto and enjoy spectacular panoramic views.

Montecatini Funicular

Arts & Culture

Entrance to Teatro Verdi in Montecatini Terme

Find out more about Teatro Verdi or the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Art & Culture in Montecatini Terme

Visit Montecatini Alto

Montecatini Alto

A brief history of Montecatini Alto and the best way to get there.

Montecatini Alto


Shopping in Gucci Store Montecatini Terme

Find the best streets to visit for shopping in Montecatini.

Shopping in Montecatini Terme