Montecatini Funicular

Known in Italian as the Funicolare di Montecatini, Montecatini Funicular is the best way to get from Montecatini Terme to the medieval village of Montecatini Alto.

Originally constructed in 1898 the funicular is a great family activity providing spectacular panoramic views across Montecatini Terme. The funicular has been modernised over the years but all the original workings are still visible and the red carriages have not been modified.

The two red cable-operated carriages run regularly throughout the day ascending and descending the steep hill to Montecatini Alto in just under 10 minutes. The carriages run in opposite directions along the 1077 metre track passing for a brief greeting halfway along the route.

Once at the top enjoy a leisurely stroll around Montecatini Alto perhaps enjoying a glass of wine or dining at one of the restaurants.

Tip There is a cafe at the bottom of the funicular if you need to wait for the next train.