Montecatini Terme Spa & Thermal Baths

No visit to Montecatini Terme would be complete without at least one visit to a Terme, after all this is the famous Italian spa town. The information below is designed to help you pick the right spa experience for you, whether that’s the full spa package or a leisurely walk around Terme Tettuccio.

Terme Tettuccio

Terme Tettuccio is located in the Parco delle Terme, or park of the baths. Terme Tettuccio is a drinking spa, using the thermal waters of the mineral rich spring. There are four taps in the terme that offer waters for a variety of different ailments, from Diabetes to stomach problems.

If drinking the thermal waters is not your thing, be sure to visit to enjoy the beauty of the architecture. Originally built between 1779-81, the terme was restructured in 1928, it’s an idyllic location for a morning cappuccino and read of the newspaper.

Terme Tettucio in Montecatini Terme
Terme Tettucio in Montecatini Terme

Terme Excelsior

Terme Excelsior spa is located on Viale Verdi and is just a short distance from Terme Tettuccio. If you want to relax and enjoy a massage, facial, or other beauty treatment then this is the spa for you. Terme Excelsior is also famous for it’s use of the thermal waters and offers treatments for many ailments.

Montecatini Terme Excelsior thermal spa
Montecatini Terme Excelsior

Terme Redi Thermal Complex

Redi Thermal complex is located on Viale Alessandro Bicchierai, not far from the centre of Montecatini. Redi Thermal complex is where you can go to relax and immerse yourself in the thermal baths. The building is modern (circa 1960) and not your typical idea of Roman baths – however the treatments they offer are authentic and draw visitors from all around the world.

See the official Montecatini Terme website for more details