Montecatini Terme Tourist Information

Exploring a new place is exciting and is one of the many joys of travelling, however there are times when insider knowledge can be useful, with hints and tips on where to park for free and how to avoid the dreaded ZTL zone, this is your essential guide to Visiting Montecatini Terme without any hiccups.

You can also find the Montecatini Terme Tourist Information Office in Piazza del Popolo close to the Guidotti fountain.

Getting to Montecatini

hotels in Montecatini Terme

Find information on how to get to Montecatini by air, car or train.

How to get to Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Train Stations

Montecatini Terme Centro Train Station

Montecatini has two train stations. Find their locations and how to book tickets.

Train Stations in Montecatini Terme

ZTL – Traffic Limitation Zone

ztl sign not active in montecatini terme

Be careful of the ZTL when driving in the centre of Montecatini to avoid a fine.

Montecatini Terme ZTL Information

Parking in Montecatini

free car parking montecatini

Find the best places to park for free within Montecatini Terme.

Parking in Montecatini Terme