Montecatini Terme Parking

Looking for car parking in Montecatini Terme? Parking in Montecatini Terme can seem confusing when you first arrive, you may wonder, what do the blue parking bays mean? Is there anywhere to park for free?

If you’re planning to stay for a full day then we recommend using the free car parks, if you’re planning to visit for a few hours or less then parking in a blue space and paying at the meter may be more convenient.

Free Car Parks in Montecatini Terme

There are some free car parks in the centre Montecatini Terme. Both are around a 10 minute walk to the main Piazza del Popolo and Montecatini Centro train station.

Area di Parcheggio – Via di Maratona

Located on the west of Montecatini Terme close to the sports stadium. Here you will find lots of free parking with no time restrictions.

Once you have parked your car, head to Corso Roma and follow the road all the way down to Piazza del Popolo.

Hint! This car park is unavailable on Market days (Thursdays)

Parcheggio Gratuito – Viale Leonardo da Vinci

This car park is available all week and you can park for as long as you want. From here you can walk up Via Marruota directly into the centre of Montecatini Terme.

Hint! This car park can get very busy on Thursday morning due to the weekly market just around the corner.
Montecatini Terme free car park Viale Leonardo da Vinci
Free car park on Viale Leonardo da Vinci, Montecatini Terme

Viale Mario Bustichini

This free car park is located in the north of Montecatini Terme close to the Parco delle Terme. Park here and take a leisurely stroll through the park into the centre of Montecatini.

Viale Mario Bustichini free car park in Montecatini Terme

Understanding Colour-Coded Parking Bays in Montecatini Terme

White Car Park Bays

White car parking bays mean it’s free to park. If you see a white space in Montecatini Terme, be sure to grab it quick!

Yellow Car Park Bays

Yellow car parking bays mean residents parking only. You must not park in these spaces as you need a permit.

Blue Car Park Bays

Blue car park bays mean you must pay at the meter. The parking ticket machines are usually spaced out on each street and are not always obvious, please be aware this does not mean there is no charge. In most areas you can park from 8pm until 8am in the blue bays free of charge – please be sure to check the meters in case of any changes.