ZTL Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme, like most historic Italian towns, has a traffic limitation zone (ZTL). It is designed to reduce the amount of traffic in the main streets during peak times. This restriction is a blessing if you know the rules and a curse if you do not. Please take note of the following information.

Understanding ZTL Signs In Montecatini Terme

ZTL stands for Zona a Traffico Limitato, you are likely to see these signs in or around the centre of Montecatini Terme.

The ZTL has a digital sign, like the photo above. If the sign reads “ATTIVO” or “ATTIVA CLOSED” then Do not drive past the sign. This is because each sign has a camera attached and it’s highly likely you will receive a hefty fine.

If it reads “NON ATTIVA” then you are permitted drive through.

Hint! To avoid worrying about the ZTL zone there are a number of free car parks near the centre.